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Anthology sells work by artists on consignment with an approximately 50/50 split between artist and store.  We are committed to providing a space for local artists and excited about introducing our customers to the amazing things that people make.  We like to provide a variety of products and keep the store changing so that repeat customers can always find something new.  We are particularly interested in representations of Madison or Wisconsin in general, especially for the tourists who stop in.  Being on State Street gives us a unique opportunity and good location to introduce such customers to the creations of local artists.  We are always looking for new artists and crafters with interesting creations,

but PLEASE do not stop in unannounced with samples. We set time aside to consider the overall appearance of the store, available space, and what categories might need to be expanded upon -- at that time, we consider various works for inclusion in the store.  The decision cannot be made on the spur of the moment.  Furthermore, just seeing your samples is not enough to ensure that they are remembered when it comes time to select product for the store.

As an artist myself, I appreciate that it feels difficult sometimes to make connections and find venues for your work -- this is part of why we created Anthology -- but please follow these steps and we will be much more open to the possibility of your artwork.

1. send us, by mail or email ([email protected]) the following information
-your contact information

-description and photographs of your work or links to your website/etsy site

-prices.  Please clearly state the amount of money you would expect to be paid and the price it would sell at in the store.  If you just say "$10," I can't tell for sure if you are wanting to be paid $10, or if that's what you think it should sell for, which means you'd receive $5.

-an indication that you've read this information and are agreeable to the terms.

2. wait
It might be a couple months.  or longer.  Perhaps we initially don't have a spot for your work but might later find an assortment of artists and creations that work with yours, or might find customers are demanding what you have had all along. 

Should we decide that your work is a good fit for Anthology, you can fill out the consignment agreement below and bring it in with your work.

Please keep in mind that Anthology receives a minimum of 50% of the selling price.  We reserve the right to make changes to the retail price based on market demand and other factors but will not adjust the amount paid to you without your permission (in other words, we won't put your work on sale without talking to you first, and we reserve the right to increase the retail price to improve our margin). We carry items in a range of prices, from $1 to $200, but our average item retails for $8.  There are certainly exceptions, but the most successful items are those that retail for under $20 -- that means you, as an artist, receive $10 or less for your work.  I realize it is sometimes a challenge to come up with something for that price when one considers time, effort and material cost, but we encourage you to give it some thought.

We look forward to hearing from you.

consignment agreement

If you've received word from Laura or Sachi to bring in your work, please bring in your work with the information requested below. We have a specific system for price tags so please consult with us before you bring in items with tags. 

Any subsequent deliveries should be accompanied by an itemized list of creations delivered, including clearly marked retail and consignee prices. Thank you. 

Please supply the following information:
Your Name
Mailing Address
E-mail Address
Phone Number

Completed W-9 form.

Please submit an inventory sheet with price list, clearly indicating the cost AND retail price of your creations.   Please use this exact format/terminology: cost = amount of money that Anthology pays to you, price = amount that Anthology charges customers [sample description: "6 felt ornaments, cost $3 each, price $6 each"]. Cost is approximately 50% of the retail price; cost set by the artist will be paid to the artist and will at no time be modified by Anthology unless directed by artist. Anthology reserves the right to make modifications to the retail price based on market demand and other factors. 

Consignment checks are issued and mailed monthly in the first week for the prior whole month. If sales are less than $50 per month then one check for total sales will be issued quarterly. At any time, both artist and Anthology reserve the right to remove products from the sales floor. If you choose to remove your creations from our store, please email us with a week's notice so that we can remove the items and change our computer records.

We would prefer that you set a standard retail price that is more or less in line with prices you set at craft fairs, etsy online shops or other retail stores.

Thank you!


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